Butternut Soup



1 Large Butternut
3 Sweet Potatoes
4 Leeks
3 Tbls Olive Oil
10 Cups Of Water
3 Vegetable Cubes (Telma)
Salt & Pepper To Taste


1. Peel, remove seeds and cube butternut.
2. Peel and cube sweet potatoes.
3. Slice & rinse Leeks.
4. Heat a large pot and add olive oil and prepared vegetables.
5. Sauté until they caramelize.
6. Add water, stock, salt & pepper and simmer until vegetables are soft.
7. Use a blender to puree.
8. Return to heat and taste, adjust salt and pepper for flavour.
9. You can add ½tsp curry powder with the salt & pepper for a bit of a kick.

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