Our Wedding by Brett Florence 072In 2011 I left South Africa in search of adventure and moved to South Korea (I have since lived in Shanghai, China and I now reside in Denver, Colorado). While I was living in South Korea, I missed cooking with my mom in her kitchen. I quickly realized that I didn’t have copies of her recipes with me, so we decided to start this blog as a place to stay connected in the kitchen while living so far away. I wanted to be sure that I had access to all of her recipes, especially the ones that she had memorized and didn’t have a physical copy of.

Fast forward 6 years and I am so thankful that we started this blog. In May 2017 my loving Mother was diagnosed with cancer that was too far advanced, she passed away 11 days after diagnosis. The recipes in this blog are so special to me and my family and will always be treasured. I will continue to update the blog with recipes from my mother’s collection and new recipes that I enjoy.


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    1. Anonymous

      It’s a golden syrup (British or South African). If you’re in the US you can use Lyle’s golden syrup (which can be found on amazon). You could probably also substitute corn syrup but there really isn’t an equivalent ingredient in the US.


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