Dairy free Homemade Chicken Pies

Chicken Pies are wonderful to have in the freezer for those instant meals. I make a batch and get out about 22 pies. Once encased in the pastry I place them on a baking sheet on non stick paper and place them in the freezer. When I want a meal I take them out the freezer, paint with egg and bake from frozen.  I often just serve them with a fresh garden salad.

4 cups cake flour
400g dairy free butter (ice cold)
1 tsp salt
1 cup boiling water


1. Sift flour and salt.
2. Grate margarine into flour using a cheese grater.
3. Cut through with a knife to combined the margerine and flour mixture.
4. Add boiling water and bring together quickly with a knife. Sometimes it helps to use two knives and cut against each other to combine.
5. Once combined form into a ball and refrigerate until required or freeze for use at a later date.




Take one whole chicken and place it in a pot with one whole onion, 2 carrots and salt & pepper. Cover all ingredients completely with water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.  Switch off and allow to cool in the stock. Once cold remove skin & bones and save all the meat. Keep the cooking liquid and use it for the sauce.

½ cup flour​

1 chicken stock cube
250g mushrooms- sliced​

salt & pepper​

1 large onion
11/2 – 2 cups liquid from cooking the chicken


Filling: fry finely chopped onion in oil. Add mushrooms and fry till limp. Add flour and cook for one minute. Add liquid from the chicken and  the stock cube and stir till thickened.  Start with 1 cup and add more till the sauce is like heavy cream and smooth. Fold in flaked chicken.  The mixture must be very moist but thick. Allow to cool.


Roll out and cut out rounds. Place chicken in center of pastry, brush sides with egg and fold over to seal well. Brush top with egg and bake 180 for ½  hour or until pastry is golden.


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